The stranded Aussies action plan

A letter to political leaders

The stranded Aussies action plan

A letter to political leaders and representatives

The letter below calls for bipartisan cooperation between both levels of government to expedite the return of all stranded citizens and PRs. It includes a plan to bring Australia’s quarantine capacity to sustainable levels and for relaxing travel restrictions to enable families and couples to reunite.

Australia needs enough quarantine spaces to meet those humanitarian requirements. Everyone affected by the caps must make it known to politicians that this issue, that’s impacting hundreds of thousands of people in Australia and overseas, will be at the front of our minds at the next election. We therefore urge all impacted, including friends and family, to contact political representatives and advocate for action.

A lot of political representatives are not aware of the facts and numbers within the letter. Others were notified of our plan from February 2021 onwards and chose to ignore it. You are welcome to download the Word version below and edit it in any way you choose. Nobody’s name is on it and you don’t need permission to use the letter to contact political representatives and the press. You can add to it, edit it, change it as much as you like. We suggest that you don’t alter the figures, though, as those were researched from official sources.

Or simply write your own letter or email. Contact details and tips for contacting political representatives can be found on our Get Loud page.

To download a copy of the Word document, click the pop-out button to the upper right of the document panel.

In the new window click the ‘open-original’ button to the upper right.

If you are unable to see a letter below, it can be viewed and downloaded at this link.

An earlier version of the letter published in February 2021 is available here.

Whether you use this letter or write your own we strongly encourage you to get loud.